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As a Wardrobe Consultant, I assist clients with determining what clothes work well with their personal styles so they can always look their best. My goal is to help my clients define his or her personal style by coaching him or her to understand the basics of putting together a look that works for them. My goal is not necessarily to transform a client's look, but rather to encourage my clients to find a personal style that makes them look their best.

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My Story

My love for highlowe fashion started at a young age. As a single parent, my mother could hardly afford to send us to school with the trendiest looks. So we lived in thrift stores. My happiest memories with my mother was getting up on a Saturday morning and thrifting with her. She was a true fashionista! She could find all the high end looks for pennies. We would go to garage sales in the really 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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