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Eight Easter Weekend Ideas

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Looking for ideas for this weekend? Here are eight super easy and inexpensive activities, crafts, and games for friends, family, or kiddos.

Easter weekend is here! Everyone is looking for fun outdoor activities for the family and friends. We are going to a RV resort not far from home with the kids and a few family friends. I am excited about decorating the cabin for Easter and the kids having their annual Easter egg hunt.

I normally make a wreath for the front door and boil eggs so we can dye and decorate them. However, this year has been so hectic that I haven’t had the time to do my normal “over-the-top” holiday mom routine.

So I located a few quick and easy substitutions that will make the kids happy and keep them occupied while we celebrate at the resort. I’ve included a mixture of crafts, games, and family activities that will have every begging to be invited over for your next family function. I’ve included links to all of the items below. I follow several of these amazing moms and you should too! Happy Easter Everyone.

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