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Feel Good Friday

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

5 ways to say “I love you” on a budget

We are all in this together right? We are all living on a strict budget because of COVID. So I compiled a few ideas on how to tell that special guy that you truly love him.

1. Massage: what doesn’t enjoy the touch of his woman. It doesn’t have to be all the fancy frills we love ladies. Keep it simple. Some warm oil and soothing music to help him forget about the stress of the world.

2. DIY Car Kit: this would mean more than you know. This is a little kit for him to keep in his glove box. Include things like a flashlight, pen, sunscreen, digital tire gauge, tissues, bandages, and disinfecting wipes. This is a great idea especially for dads!

3. Meal in bed: Cater to his needs. Plan out a menu for him to choose from OR fix his favorite meal and serve him in bed. Don’t forget to be the dessert.

4. Boys’ Day In: What man doesn’t like to have his guy time??? Have him invite the boys over, make a few snacks, and disappear. Give him time to relax and hang with the boys without distractions.

5. Honey-Don’t-List: I know everyone has a list of things that they need the man in their life to do. Go to that list and complete one or two of those things for him instead! Youtube and Pinterest have a plethora of hacks that are woman-friendly.


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