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Feel Good Friday

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

First steps to decluttering you space is finding the right tools

It’s Friday guys. You made it through the week. Most of us here in the South were forced to remain indoors because of the crazy snow storm that came through. Prayers and a speedy recovery for my friends and family in Texas. We’ve never experienced this kind of winter before but it did give me the urge to go through the cabinets and closets to clean out the clutter.

With being on a budget, I needed to think of inexpensive ways to declutter and reorganize every room in the house. Where best to go than the Dollar Tree. It is my go-to for everything crafty and this will definitely require a crafty eye.

Here are a few things we will need to finish our decluttering for the month of February. I will share some great ideas on how to make them look highend and be functional for you home or office.

Dollar Tree is the perfect place to meet your organization needs!

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