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From a Hobby to a Business

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Spring hobbies can bring about life-long changes to your finances and career.

This month is the season of new starts. You’ve done your spring cleaning. You’ve packed up all of the odds and ends that you realize no longer suit your purpose. And now you are on this new or rejuvenated path of your “more happier” self.

What does this new, happier self look like? Does she enjoy being outdoors more? Does she enjoy working out or doing yoga? Has she taken an interest in reading, styling, or some other niche that she can share with others?

Whatever it is, embrace this new version of you and share it with the world. Start a class or page to share your new interest with others. Research your new found interest and make it a niche that others can learn more about and share in your happiness.

April is about rebirth and rejuvenation. Keep this momentum and turn this into a passion instead of a hobby. Here are a few steps on how to turn your hobby into a profitable business:

  1. Start Small. Don’t go quitting your day job just because you have found something new and exciting to do with your time. Build up a little money to help finance your new passion. You will need a solid financial foundation to building your business if you choose to go in this direction

  2. Research the Market. Connect with others who are currently financially supported by this same passion. Networking is a great way to get creative ideas, minimize setbacks, and build rapport with others in the industry who can help catapult your business.

  3. Keep innovating. Find your unique twist to your niche and run with it. No one will want to get the same service or product from you that they can get from 20 other providers. Focus on a specific niche and make it the cornerstone of your business.

  4. Listen to feedback...even criticism. This is probably the most important thing to remember. Positive feedback is great but not so positive feedback is even better. As humans, we get comfortable with the great feelings of accomplishment. We become complacent and feel that we don’t need to work for greatness. Form a circle of supportive people (friends, family, others in the industry) and throw around ideas and suggestions. Take in the criticisms and grow from them. Maybe there are things that you fail to see in your enthusiasm.

  5. Keep it simple. Start with your end in mind. It doesn’t have to be over the top and extravagant. Stay true to yourself and your new found brand. People will appreciate you and whatever you provide because they see the uniqueness you bring and the passion that you have for sharing it with others.

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