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Go To Pieces for Busy Bodies

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Do you plan your outfits for the next day in advance? If you do, you are super lucky because I don't usually have that luxury. A mother of two, a teacher, and a cheer coach makes it really hard to have the energy to pre-plan outfits for the next day after work, homework, dinner, and baths. So what do I? I normally just wing it.

[..."go to" pieces are those staple pieces everyone should have in their closet to help build a style for the day.]

How in the heck do you do that? It's not always super easy; especially if I have to get two GIRLS dressed for school in the mornings. I am lucky that they both attend a private catholic school which allows me to get them dressed very easily and very quickly in the mornings.

I remember when I was in school...we didn't wear every morning was a headache because I had to make sure I had the PERFECT outfit so Terrell or Brandon (whomever the flavor of the semester was that school year) would notice me and fall madly in love with me and my outfit.

So how do I do it you ask? I have what I call "go to's". They are my staple pieces that I can dress up or dress down with layering, coordinating, and accessorizing. I will teach you how to build your wardrobe (inexpensively) and keep them audience wanting more. It all begins with your go to's.

Here is a list of go to's that I keep handy:

  1. blazers (one neutral, one black, one patterned)

  2. solid color cardigans ( two neutrals, one black, two seasonal colors)

  3. camis (assort solids)

  4. solid trousers (white, tan, black, gray)

  5. jeans (straight leg, skinny leg, high waist, torn)

These are not the ONLY pieces I work with. I have skirts, dresses, bodysuits, jumpers, etc. However, these are my staple pieces that allow me to get dressed super quickly in the mornings with little effort and also allow me to jazz it up if I want to grab drinks or dinner after work or a game.

In our next post, we will look at some of these go to's and how I transition from work to after 5 with a few simple accessories. Also check out my IG to see more pics and reels of tips and inspros. @bontempschic

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