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How to Heal the Holiday Blues

A few suggestions on how to ease seasonal anxiety/depression (SAD)

Holiday blues are very common this time of year but even more so with this new spike of Covid. Losing loved ones, remembering the holiday traditions you all cherished, and trying to hold it all together while others are basking in the enjoyment of Christmas cheer is one of the hardest roles to play. There is no way to truly heal from the loss of someone dear to you but there are several ways for you to honor their memory and try to steer clear of the dark shadow of depression.

  1. Limit your alcohol and caffeine - alcohol is a depressant and caffeine makes you anxious. They lead to mood swings that might deepen your depression

  2. Use essential oils - they can be mood lifters and are perfect to help combat the holiday blues

  3. Give - giving of yourself and your time can make you feel better. Research shows that giving has similar effects as doubling your income. But make sure you make it a choice, not an obligation.

  4. Spend more time outside - sunlight improves our mood. We wake up and go to bed when it is dark. Open windows and blinds when you can.

  5. Create rituals - anticipation of something that makes you happy has its own healing powers. Create a daily, weekly, or monthly ritual such as a date night, a vacation or fun day, or even reading a book.

  6. Getting well - cut the junk food and pay attention to what you are putting into your body. Fresh veggies and lots of water.

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