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How to Minimize Closet Meltdowns

It happens to everyone at some point. We can't have it all figured out every single day. You are getting ready to leave the house for the day but have no idea what to put on. Maybe you're in a hurry. Maybe you've been so busy with life that your laundry has been done but everything is still in hampers or on a pile in the closet. As a business owner and mother of two daughters, I found myself in this situation more commonly than not. Here are a few things I did to lessen the chance of my morning meltdowns before a long day at the office.

Create a routine that provides structure and order

Routines have definitely helped in my day-to-day life. Creating a structured and orderly way to get myself and the girls ready in the morning has truly proved to be one of the most steps to cutting out anxiety for myself and the girls. Our routine begins the night before with laying out their clothes for the day, baths, and bed. I chose to pick my clothing in the morning when they are still sleeping and I have quiet time to myself. I realized that trying to get them dressed and finding clothes for myself was causing havoc in our lives and in our morning routine.

Do a Wardrobe edit to help with the declutter.

A wardrobe edit is very important in minimizing closet meltdowns. Going through your wardrobe and determining what does not fit, what is damaged, what is no longer or has never been flattering, and what you simply don't wear is a vital part of this process. By removing the clutter, you have opened up a world of possibilities with a lesser chance of disappointment. Creating more of a capsule wardrobe for your closet is a safer bet in cutting back on anxiety when searching for a look for the day.

Organize your closet so things are easier to grab.

Once you have removed the clutter, it's time to organize what you have remaining. There are so many ways you can choose to do this step. I like to color code my closet so I can pair my looks for the day. Some clients prefer to organize by season and type of items (blouses, dresses, pants, blazers, etc.). Whatever your preference may be, organizing your space will make it easier to grab what you need and get ready for your day.

Set your intentions for the day so you know HOW to dress.

The last step is to be intentional with your selection. Take a second and think of what needs to be accomplished for the day before you go to look for your outfit of the day. If you know that it will a rainy day, you would possibly pass on something that is long and flowing. Maybe you have physical therapy to do after your finish your work day but won't have time to change before you head over to the clinic. A cute dress or skirt would not be the best option for the look that day. Simply take a few moments and really consider what you need to achieve for the day and pick a look that will suit your adventure.

If you feel that you cannot tackle these steps alone, do not worry. I am here to help. Simply click the link below so we can schedule a help session. I provide one-on-one virtual and face-to-face sessions that can help you begin your wardrobe edit.

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