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Spring and Summer Color Palette

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

I am so excited about the trends for Spring and Summer fashions for 2021. The colors are so vibrant this year despite the condition of the world. According to the Pantone Color Institute. New Fashion Week has provided us with a color palette that inspires “ingenuity and inventiveness’ this season.

  1. Marigold

  2. Cerulean

  3. Rust

  4. Illuminating

  5. French Blue

  6. Green Ash

  7. Burnt Coral

  8. Mint

  9. Amethyst Orchid

  10. Raspberry Sorbet

Some of these tasty shades have truly been stable colors in our wardrobe already this year. Here are a few examples on how I’ve worked these vibrant colors into my wardrobes and posts.

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