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Ten Reasons to Declutter Your Home

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

January was the month to grab the reins for 2021 and prepare for the year ahead. Here is February and it’s full steam ahead. We started the month with Mardi Gras and now it is Lent. For the next forty days we give up things that we deem important to our daily lives. In the spirit of Lent, let’s start the season with giving up the clutter.

  • Bless others with your preloved items - this is a year of giving. Help those who are in need by cleaning out your closets and drawers and donating your gently used items to family in need

  • Be able to focus better - a cleaner space helps to minimize distractions. You would be surprised how organizing any space makes it easier to focus on what’s important

  • Value the things you own - making decisions about what to keep and discard helps you to remember the purpose and value of the items you have. It will also help you appreciate the things you chose to keep

  • Decrease your stress - visual clutter increases your stress. Clutter creates a chaotic atmosphere in your living space. Clear out the clutter and allow yourself to breathe easier with each box or bag you donate.

  • Saves time - makes it easier to find things. Decluttering those cabinets, closets, and shelves helps to minimize the amount of time needed to find things. This will in turn decrease your stress levels and increase efficiency.

  • Easier to clean - less clutter makes for easier cleaning. More open counter space makes it easier to wipe your surfaces off and less places for dust to hide.

  • Makes your home more welcoming - it gives a more open feel. Clutter makes your home messy and unorganized. Letting go of unnecessary clutter makes your space more refreshing and energizing.

  • Create joy - releasing clutter helps to remove chaos and invite positive energy. As you remove old items from your home, you will increase good energy by creating a joy-filled haven for you and your family

  • Reforms your shopping habits - decluttering will make you more aware of the money you are spending on unnecessary items. It will make you think longer and more precise on future purchases.

  • More time and energy for other things - less stuff means less focus on material things. It will provide you with more time and energy for more important things like that new business you wanted to start or that project you wanted to do with the family.

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