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Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Here are the TOP TEN things you should do to prepare for your next trip

Who's ready for a trip? I sure am! My birthday is in the month of March. There are so many things to do in the process of preparing for my Birthday Month. YESSSS! I celebrate the ENTIRE month of March. I have several trips planned with my loved ones. Planning and preparation is key in having a successful vacation and a stress free celebration. So here are the TOP TEN things to do to prep for a it short or extended.

  1. Check weather conditions: this will allow for more accurate packing and activity planning

  2. Call ahead to make sure you don’t need reservations: this will save time, money, and frustration if you call a few days before your trip

  3. Try to pack a carry-on ONLY: only packing a carry-on allows for shorter time in security lines

  4. Pack light: this will allow you to fly through security check and off the plan once it lands

  5. Plan out your wardrobe based on weather conditions and events/activities planned: choosing clothing based on these situations will allow you to pack light

  6. Purchase disposable toiletries: this will allow you to only take what you need and open up space in your bags for souvenirs

  7. Ditch the purse: this is to minimize digging for important information or money. Carry a small fanny pack or crossbody to keep personal items close

  8. Check Groupons for activity discounts: this will allow you to get the bang for your buck and enjoy what the city has to offer

  9. Check out public transportation options: train, subway, city bus are inexpensive ways to travel most large cities

  10. Pack a meal for the flight: As long as it’s packaged and isn’t a liquid, you can bring as much food as you want through security. This will save money on food or snacks in the airport and the disappointment of no meals being served on airlines because of COVID

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