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Top Ten Winter Fashion Looks

Here are the Top 10 must haves for this Winter Fashion Season to make your wardrobe go from drab to STYLISH

It has been a while since I’ve been able to blog. Changes in life and love can truly have an affect on your business and ambitions. However, I am resilient and am ready to step back into my purpose…. sharing my love of travel, fashion, and wellness with my followers. So let’s get back at it with TOP TEN TUESDAY!

Our Top Ten for this week will be the ten most needed items for your winter look this season. They range from over-the-top jackets to simple staple pieces that can be layered.

  1. Fringe accented tops and jackets

  2. Cropped puffer jackets

  3. Oversized puffer vests

  4. Chunky ski print sweaters

  5. Ponchos and capes

  6. Double denim

  7. Jumpers

  8. Faux fur

  9. Knit maxi dresses

  10. Tartan (plaids)

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