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My Summer Body Challenge

By no means am I saying that I am overweight. I’m simply stating that I’m out of shape and miss the healthier version of myself. Now that school is out I can focus more on my business, my family, and my body goals.
I have four things I’ve chosen to do to improve my mind and body this summer.
1. Daily morning workouts 2. Healthier eating 3. Cutback on drinking 4. Increase self care I’ve cleared space in my home so that I can do my morning YouTube dance cardio workouts. I’m loving Mike Peele right now. His workouts are fun and high in carb burning. I drink lots of water and turn the air conditioning up so I can get some extra sweat happening.
I’m cutting back on my carb and salt intake. Crawfish season is almost over and they are getting tougher to peel. This means I won’t be eating nearly as much but I hate to work too hard. My eggs are plain and I eat them with a veggie on the side. I am also addicted to pasta. I want it every single day that my eyes are open. This will be the hardest habit to break this summer.
I said pasta would be the hardest but as I get to this step I realize that cutting back on drinking Red Bull and vodka and wine will the hardest or them all. I don’t live the healthiest lifestyle. I have a Red Bull as soon as I wake up and maybe another in the evening with vodka. But I will admit that I consume at least two drinks a day. I’m a teacher! Education is stressful. I need it to wine down. However, on the weekends it’s much more because I’m a social drinker. Finally, I will be incorporating more self care techniques to achieve my healthier version of Me! I will be blogging more, meditating before bed, doing evening yoga to wind down before bed, and a weekly self care service. What’s that last one you say? I will go to the nail salon, go get a massage, go on a solo date.

I’m very excited about the next two months. check back to read more about my adventures of my Summer body challenge.

My Summer Body Challenge
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