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New Year Countdown

Christmas is here and now it’s time to plan out your next seven days. What will you do? How will you start? Who will help you achieve your goals?

Let’s get started with the end in mind. Where would you like to be this time next year? This is the beginning of your goal setting. Do you want to be more financially responsible? Do you want to be more healthy? Do you want to be in a healthy relationship or have traveled to more destinations than ever before? The answer to any of these questions should be YES! This is the beginning step to setting your 2022 goal for yourself.
Know your strengths and weaknesses. Every goals begins with knowing what you want, what you are capable of, and your limits. Know your commitment level. If you are easily swayed to do other things, take on a commitment partner. Someone who will motivate you to stay on your goal path. Plan out detailed steps. There is absolutely no plan that was ever achieved without planning. Plan with intention. Know exactly what you need to achieve your end goal. If it takes four steps or twenty…whatever it takes, use the next seven days to plan every detail to the T to ensure success for next December if not earlier. Give yourself hard deadlines throughout the year. Make milestone deadlines that are achievable. Set mile markers that can encourage you to keep going but can also be seen as mini celebrations on your road to year’d end success.
We are ready to take the first step to a very successful and fulfilling 2022. Check back for a guide on how to create meaning milestones and how to celebrate them in a healthy way.

New Year Countdown
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