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Picking the Perfect Statement Piece

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Select a statement piece to work through your weekend wardrobe

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Wondering what to wear for that super busy weekend? Struggling to piece together that perfect morning, afternoon, and evening piece? I can almost guarantee you have everything you need in your closet right now. All you need to a STATEMENT PIECE!

Statement pieces are those rare finds or gems that make every outfit POP! They are eye-catching essentials that make your outfit go from wow to POW.

That's right! One garment that screams WOW! It could be a coat, a blazer, a top, a pair of trousers, a dress or even acessories. It simply needs to be something that says "Hey guys! Look at me!"

What to look for in your collection?

When I go to my closet I look for something eye-catching. Something that will stand out from the crowd. It could be a furry, hooded vest or a snow white trench with a belt. No matter the piece, you have to know how to style it to make it go from wow to POW.

Statement pieces are the first thing people see when you enter a space. They draw in the eye and personifies its own personality. Your statement can shift a morning work look into a afterhours chic lounge look in seconds.

2021 is all about making statements and I want you to make a damn good one. So let's locate that gem and create a weekend wardrobe that will have the room begging for more. Here are a few things to check off for my list of statement piece criteria:

  1. bold color(s)

  2. fun pattern

  3. unique shape or length

Statement pieces do not have to be large or even super eccentric. They can be subtle with a pop of color, bling, or just simply stunning because of the detail. It depends on your comfort and your taste. So go to your closet and look for that one piece that stands out. We will locate a gem in my collect and create three styles for the weekend. Stay tuned for more tips as we design an "after 5" look, a brunch look, and a"Sunday Funday" look to wrap up a weekend of fun.

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