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Why Capsule Wardrobes work for some and not all?

Before I dive into this topic I would like to start off with saying that a true capsule wardrobe would not and could not for me. So understand that I’m not pushing anyone to run out and throw away everything you’ve ever owned and loved to follow this trend. However…a slight variation of this concept would and has made my life so much more simple for outfit selections.

Lets begin with defining “capsule wardrobe“. In the simplest terms, is shedding your wardrobe of complex pieces and keeping basic staple pieces that can be mixed and matched. I’ve read that an ideal CW has anywhere from 17-35 pieces that can be mixed and matched to credit over 100 looks with only those items. That sounds really cute and every…but definitely not realistic for me or my business. So I continued to research and fell on a variation called seasonal capsule wardrobe. Now this was everything I needed and more!

A seasonal capsule wardrobe is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of you only having those 17 to 35 pieces for the entire year, you would select the same number of pieces per season. This is not as hard as you might possibly think it to be. As a Closet consultant, I struggle with clients who struggle with letting things go. You attempt and sit down with a client and explain that you can’t keep everything, you need to make decisions on what to keep and what to let go. Prior to my first home visit, we have a virtual meeting where we discuss the parameters of a closet detox. I can’t expect the client to really make decisions on things that they absolutely do not want. That’s the whole reason they choose my services. What I do instead is have them go through their closet and select items that they love the way they look in them and items that they like the way they look in them but aren’t really sure that it’s a look for them at this moment. I will be honest with you, the second pile is usually the clothes that are going to go. However, I started researching the capsule wardrobe idea for a client and truly dove into the idea of a seasonal capsule wardrobe instead.

I put a slight spin on the seasonal capsule wardrobe. Instead of strictly sticking to neutral colors, I encourage my clients to select a color scheme that they like to wear for each season. This is our starting point. For example, if I have a client who likes to wear the color green during the winter months, I would structure their seasonal capsule wardrobe around the appropriate shade of green for winter. The idea is never to start completely over with your wardrobe. The concept is to fine-tune what you already have to fit the stress-free looks you want to achieve.

As a full-time teacher, single mother, and business owner, it is very hard to create last minute looks without having a mini meltdown. As a stylist and reseller, I have tons of inventory that I am constantly purchasing, photographing, styling, and selling. The hardest part about all of this is trying to dress myself! I have so many clothes and so many options because of my business. It became overwhelming to walk into my own closet to make selections for my every day looks. This is the reason that the seasonal capsule wardrobe became so appealing. With my need to have a versatile wardrobe that I can show my followers how to style, I needed some way to ease my stress in decluttering my own space while maintaining my flair for style. I hope this concept can help you in some way . If you need help with a closet detox, please do not hesitate to enlist my services.

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