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Time to Pack for a Flight

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Ten items you need to have to help you pack for your next flight

Hey guys. This is a special edition of Top Ten Tuesday because it’s my birthday month. COVID has really put a damper on birthday plans for everyone, not just myself. However, I am planning or better yet my fiance is planning a surprise getaway. I have no idea where we are going but I know that I need to pack for outside activities. It will be in the 50s to 60s during the day and to pack a nice outfit for dinner. I am pretty excited about our trip. I did a surprise trip for him to Washington. It was amazing. We went hiking, sightseeing, visited friends, and experienced several firsts in our relationship.

I love to fly. Road trips are not really my thing. I like to get where I’m going and take my time exploring new and different places. So when I fly, I try to only pack a carry-on. This will allow for less time unboarding and getting in that line for Uber or Lyft. If you pack the suitcase the right way, you can fit a week worth of clothes in a carry-on.

So here are the TOP TEN items that can help you pack for a week with just a carry-on

  1. Shower cap - use this to cover the bottom of your shoes. Keeps from getting dirt on your other items.

  2. Sandwich bags - place all toiletries in ziplock bags to keep them from spilling in your carry-on. This would be a great way to carry makeup remover wipes as well.

  3. Straws - feel your necklaces through drinking straws to keep them getting tangled in transport. You can also squeeze your sunscreen, foundation, or any other liquid in a straw and cut and burn the ends. Make sure to label them.

  4. Vacuum seal storage bags - you can maximize your space by packing your bulkier items in the vacuum bags and sucking the air out to make them more compact. You can find these at Walmart, Target, and even Dollar General.

  5. Refillable containers - instead of purchasing travel items, purchase the dollar refillable bottles to take shampoo, conditioner, lotion, face wash, etc.

  6. Pods - bring detergent pods so you can wash clothes while you’re on vacay. This will allow you to reuse clothing items like jeans and shorts.

  7. Potholder - use it to wrap your flatiron or wand in even if it is still hot. Hello it's a potholder

  8. Eyeglass Case - it’s not just for glasses. Use them to store your cords and chargers.

  9. Contact Case - use this to carry foundation or other liquid makeup needs

  10. Checklist - this is very necessary. With a list, you are able to almost guarantee that you have everything you need. I've included a free one here for you to use.

Travel Checklist
Download PDF • 118KB

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