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Feel Good Friday

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Don't have a Valentine? Plan a Galentine's Day Party instead.

It’s Friday! The week is over and the weekend is here. Students are gone and I am ready to RELAX. But dare I forget that Valentine’s is next I need to figure out a plan of action for next Sunday. Did you guys read my last post with ideas for a stay-at-home Valentine’s? If not, you should definitely check it out for ideas on how to celebrate with your loved one.

But what if you are SINGLE? Well let’s celebrate GALENTINE’S DAY. Here are a few ideas for a Galentine’s Day Party for you and your girlfriends. My youngest sister is very pregnant and we have chosen to celebrate at home. Here are a few things that helped us plan our girls' day in.

Have a dress code

Lazy day could be jammies or if you want more of a brunch atmosphere, choose a color scheme and you guys go crazy

Break out decor

Make a run to your nearest Dollar Tree, Walmart, Target, etc and get balloons and garland, mugs and napkins, and if you are really feeling FANCY look for some comfy blankets and pillows to add to the room

Plan a few games

Every great party has games. Try Valentine’s Pictionary, Valentine’s Scattergories, or Name that Love Song

Food of course!

You can keep it simple and order pizza. If you want to dress it up a bit, you can do a potluck where everyone brings an item. Start a group message and plan out a menu so you don’t overwhelm yourself with decorating and cooking a meal


It's Galentine’s….you can’t forget the sweets. Take advantage of the no judgement zone since you are with friends and dive in. One cheat day won’t hurt.

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