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Feel Good Friday: 5 Outdoor Activities for Spring

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Great outdoor activities to do solo or with others this Spring

Looking for a few fun things to do now that it’s starting to warm up outside? Well I am here to give you a few ideas. Who doesn’t enjoy being outside in the fresh air after being cooped up indoors after a blizzard? It’s time to stretch those muscles and get yourselves back outside and back to reality.

Jason and I are very adventurous...or I would like to think that we are. We love to be outside and enjoy the outdoors. Taking in the sights and sounds of nature is definitely something that everyone has been missing with the recent weather conditions. You could even say people are getting cabin fever.

I am here to provide you with a few alternatives to playing another boring board game or binge watching another episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Select one of the following exciting activities to try this weekend.

  1. Hiking a new trail - find a new trail in your local area or jump in the car and take a drive to a new area you’ve never been before. We love hiking out in Tunica Hills just north of Baton Rouge. It is beautiful and has marked trails with various levels of difficulty and length.

  2. Outdoor concert - this is the new rave since indoor arenas are not allowing large events. Grab your lawn chair and some snacks. Enjoy an afternoon on the lawn while listening to your favorite band,artist, or DJ playing tunes for you and friends to groove to.

  3. Paddle boats/canoeing - grab a friend or go solo. Take in the sights, sounds, and exercise of paddling a boat on the lake or river in your town or a city nearby. We went to Champagne Swamp Tours in Breaux Bridge. It’s about an hour and a half west of Baton Rouge. You can rent your own kayak and paddle out to the middle of Lake Martin.and enjoy bird watching, tour the cypress groves, and hear stories about the natives of the area.

  4. Picnic in the park - pack a blanket, a lunch, and a speaker to head to the park. If the sun is out and there is little shade in the area, make sure you pack a large umbrella and sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun. Bring a book for reading, binoculars for people watching, and a frisbee for fun on your local disc golf course.

  5. Ziplining - this is a great way to get the adrenaline pumping! Strap on a harness and dangle 75 feet in the air. Talk about a rush. A zipline is a cable that starts at a higher point than it ends. Using the natural decline of the slope, a person can travel down the wire on a pulley system that minimizes friction to help the rider accelerate.

Whatever you choose to do, be safe, mask up, and take lots of pictures. Please share your experience and encourage others to get involved and get some fresh spring air.

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