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Feel Good Fridays

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

A weekly reminder to enjoy life and the fruits of your labor

What constitutes a long week for you might be a cake walk for others. But that doesn't stop your daily/weekly struggles and stress to be any less daunting. Here are my "Feel Good Friday" tips for this week.

Stop and Breathe

Super simple right? Wrong! You have to literally stop yourself from letting the worries of the world into your personal space. Accept what you cannot change and just breath. You can take this moment in your car after you walk out of your workplace, in a quiet room in your home away from the hustle and bustle of family, or even in that aisle in in the grocery store where no one seems to shop. Take 20 seconds and simply breathe. Close your eyes. Tune out the distractions and inhale slowly through the nose and exhale all that tension and negative energy out through your mouth. Repeat this step. Once finished, open your eyes and see the world around you in a completely different light.


Yes, I said declutter. It doesn't have to be a huge project. It can be something as easy as your purse, your car, or even the refrigerator. Remove the unnecessary tpo make room for positivity and progress. Hanging on the nonessentials from the week will carry over into the weekend. Let go of those old receipts that you aren't using for your 2021 taxes. Let go of the 20 plastic straws you have in the glove compartment for a rainy day. Take out all the items on the refrigerator door, clean them, clean the shelves, and place them more strategically.

Give back

Do something nice for someone you know or a complete stranger. Call a friend and see if the need help with something. Go make groceries for a quarantine relative. Skies the limit!


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