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Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Top ten things to do in Louisiana for Mardi Gras

It is undoubtedly true that February is a month of many things. But here in Louisiana, it is MARDI GRAS Season. What is Mardi Gras? It is the celebration of Fat Tuesday silly. However, we don’t celebrate it for just one day. Smaller parades and elaborate masquerade balls begin as early as January. The coup de grace occurs the long weekend prior to Fat Tuesday with back to back parades, concerts, and parties. This is the last chance to indulge in the food, drink, and festivities before the Lenten Season begins. Here are the TOP TEN things you must do during Mardi Gras Season in Louisiana.

  1. Get your Mardi Gras Parade Route Map

  2. Wear purple, yellow, and green clothing to the parade

  3. Eat King Cake and find the baby

  4. Stand in line for the bathroom

  5. Dance in the streets while waiting for the parade

  6. Take a picture with a Mardi Gras Indian

  7. Catch a Zulu coconut

  8. Take a nap between multiple parades

  9. Place the largest, gaudiest beads you’ve caught around your neck

  10. Be sober enough to find your car and get home

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